Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Trailer – Reactions

Well, of course we will talk about the new trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Matt’s already asking if Tarantino can make a bad movie. Matt is already trying to buy his tickets to opening night. It’s new podcast time.


Matt Men Podcast – Episode 5 is up!


Hot off the presses, this episode we tackle all things movies including:

The Oscars happened. There were some bold choices. Some bad choices. And some choices that even the people in the room had to question. We get into all that.

With the new trailer for Rocketman hitting the interwebs, are we about to be bombarded by biopics? Didn’t we hit the high water mark at Walk Hard?

New movies coming soon. We talk about the trailers that have recently been released for our summer movie fare. We definitely talk Aladdin and Will Smith in blue face.

Matt and Matt shared a movie experience. The experience that is The House That Jack Built. Hilarious, brutal, esoteric all wrapped up in only the way Lars Von Trier’s can do it.

Speaking of extreme artists, with the #metoo movement still in full swing, what will happen if people start blurring the lines between a filmmaker and the movies they make. It’s a hazy place to be where correct answers are hard to come by.

We round it all out with our new segment, Movies of the Decade, where we revisit movies of each year of this last decade. Only one can be the best of the decade. That’s a lie. Movies are subjective. There’s never just one.

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